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Puerto Rico

TIRI Online Introduces you to Puerto Rico

Moving to Puerto Rico
Living in Puerto Rico is different from any community where you have lived before. The Spanish cultural influence, the beautiful climate, and the warm hospitality of the people combine to make our island a wonderful place to live. Because PR is a Commonwealth of the United States, we are all US citizens. Our currency, banking and postal systems are the same, and you will find many familiar brand names here. There is no sales tax.

Buying real estate in PR is not that different from buying in most US States. Many of the procedures are very similar. Housing around San Juan is plentiful, and there are residential areas to fit any budget. Our housing prices are comparable to a city such as Philadelphia or Los Angeles and property taxes are considerably lower than most places in the US. Here at TIRI we will help you find a property that is just right for you. Whether you seek a condominium on a high floor with a spectacular ocean view, or a lovely home set in the hills, it is sure to be listed on the TIRI database.

Our CEO, Gloria Berman, CRB, CIPS, is a past Regional Vice President of the National Association of Realtors, and has chaired the International Division of the National Association of Realtors, with affiliates in over 30 countries. She teaches international real estate throughout the world. Through her relationships we have created a worldwide network of top professionals to help you.

Today, you can surf the web and find properties and brokers in many parts of the world. If you let us help you, you can be assured that you will be working with people you can trust.

We want you to feel right at home when you relocate to our "Isle of Enchantment". The TIRI relocation department will provide information on your new community, schools, shopping, government, taxes, churches, transportation, and obtaining a driver's license. We will help you in any way possible, and at no charge! Please click here to contact our Relocation department.

Relocation Articles
Some newcomers to Puerto Rico have been surprised by the differences in the way that title is taken on real estate here. In the US almost all married couples buy property as "joint tenants with right of survivorship". This means that if one dies, the surviving spouse automatically inherits the whole property without the necessity of going through probate.

Puerto Rico is an amazing blend of many different influences, and a magnificent study in contrasts. The climate is wonderful, with temperatures usually around 75-85 degrees. There are sunny beaches, and high mountains; lush tropical rain forest and arid desert regions; early forts and cobble-stoned streets next to modern communities. Here you will find a warm, hospitable population with incredible diversity.

Flying into San Juan, the rich variety of Puerto Rico lies below like a visitor's buffet. There, to your left, the ancient Spanish fortress of El Morro juts into the Atlantic Ocean, symbol of centuries of history. Ahead, the modern hotels of the Condado and Isla Verde areas rise along the sands of the beach, and to your right, the gleaming glass towers of the Hato Rey banking district reflect the sun. In the distance, cool green mountains promise the option of an escape to small towns and country roads reminiscent of earlier times. And you haven't even landed yet.

Education is very important to Puerto Ricans. During Spanish rule, teaching was limited to Christian subjects. Prior to 1840 there were very few books on the island. In 1937 it was determined that students learn English. To this day, both Spanish and English are required subjects.

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